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Splat Biomed BIOCOMPLEX Toothpaste

Price: £3.95

  • 100 g 

This re-freshing toothpaste contains plant extracts to help protect against bacteria and bad breath.

Plantain and Birch Leaf extracts provide a natural antiseptic action to prevent inflammation, Sage, Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Cedar essential oils promote healthy gums and provide a delightful aroma, Chlorophyll soothes the gums whilst Chamomile extract fights bad breath. Natural essential oils also provide an anti-oxidant effect.

12 Hours Cleaning Effect from Natural Ingredients

98%+ Natural

Suitable From 6 Years

Free from Fluoride

Free From Chlorhexidine and Triclosan and Other Strong Antiseptics

Free From SLS/SLES

Free From Parabens

Free From Aggressive Whitening and Abrasive Components

Free From Synthetic Flavours or Colours