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Solgar Whey To Go Whey Protein Powder

CODE: S3672

Price: £28.50

  • Natural Chocolate Cocoa Flavour - 454 g 
  • Natural Vanilla Flavour - 340 g (+£1.00)

A scientifically advanced formulation with ion-exchanged, micro-filtered and hydrolysed whey protein powder, free-form L-glutamine and branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). Formulated with a unique blend of Whey protein isolate and Whey protein concentrate, cross-flow micro-filtration increases this protein powders Amino Acid availability, absorption and utilisation in the body.

Whey To Go Protein Powder from Solgar is low in fat, easily blends in water, milk or juice, and can be added to soups, sauces, cereals, muffins, pancakes and your other favourite baking recipe. An easy way to increase your daily protein intake.

Gluten Free

Wheat Free

No Artificial Flavours or Sweeteners

Complete Essential Amino Acid Profile

High Biological Protein Value

Highly Efficient Cross-Flow Micro-Filtered Whey Isolate and Concentrate

Low Heat, Non-Chemical Extraction Process

Low In Fat

Easy To Mix

Natural Source of Lactalbumin and Immunoglobulins