Skin Care & Body Care

Aquaint 100% Natural Sanitising Water
Aquaint / Anti-Bacterial, Household, Travel, Womens Health, Mens Health, Childrens Health
Aquaint is a revolutionary 100% NATURAL Sanitising Water that kills 99.9% of Bacteria in seconds. The water provides the base for it to be highly effective... More
  • 500 ml 

Bio-Nature Lemon Myrtle Soap Bar
Bio-Nature / Vegan, Organic, Anti-Bacterial, Skin & Hair Problems
Now available with NO plastic packaging! A traditional handmade soap containing certified organic Lemon Myrtle leaf and essential oil. This organic... More

Dr. Bronner's 18-In-1 Pure Castille Soap
Dr. Bronner's / Oral health, Household, Anti-Bacterial, Skin & Hair Problems
Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 Pure-Castile Soaps are perfect for just about any cleaning task. Use it as a face, body or hair wash, wash the dishes and laundry... More
  • Tea Tree - 237 ml 
  • Eucalyptus - 473 ml (+£3.50)
  • Lavender - 946 ml (+£10.50)

NatraSan First Aid Spray
NatraSan / Household, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Bacterial, Pet Health, Oral health, Skin & Hair Problems, Childrens Health
NatraSan First Aid Spray kills +99.9999% of harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts and moulds within seconds. It contains pure Hypochloruous Acid which... More
  • 100 ml Spray 
  • 250 ml Spray (+£2.00)

Salt Of The Earth Crystal Classic Natural Deodorant
Salt Of The Earth / Anti-Bacterial, Skin & Hair Problems
Salt Of The Earth's flagship crystal deodorant which has been praised by generations of adoring fans over 20 years, this crystal deodorant remains... More
  • 50 g crystal travel deodorant 
  • 90 g crystal deodorant (+£1.56)

Salt Of The Earth Natural Deodorant Spray
Salt Of The Earth / Anti-Bacterial, Skin & Hair Problems
Salt Of The Earth's multi award-winning, Natural Deodorant Spray has now got even better! With an improved formula including moisturising Aloe Vera and a... More
  • 20 ml travel spray deodorant 
  • 100 ml spray deodorant (+£0.80)

Salt Of The Earth Pure Armour Explorer - Natural Deodorant For Men
Salt Of The Earth / Anti-Bacterial, Skin & Hair Problems, Mens Health
Armour up to beat body odour! Providing long-lasting protection, Salt Of The Earths new 100% natural deodorant spray for men keeps shields you from body... More
  • 100 ml spray 

Salt Of The Earth Pure Aura Natural Deodorant Spray
Salt Of The Earth / Anti-Bacterial, Skin & Hair Problems
Stay fresh and odour-free for longer with Salt Of The Earths super new scented natural deodorant sprays. Choose from Melon & Cucumber or Lavender and... More
  • Melon & Cucumber - 100 ml spray 
  • Lavender & Vanilla - 100 ml spray 

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Foot Spray
Thursday Plantation / Anti-Fungal, Anti-Bacterial, Sport, Travel, Skin & Hair Problems
Refresh tired feet and eliminate foot odour with this Tea Tree Foot Spray. A convenient size to pop into your bag for when you are out on the go!... More
  • 50 ml 

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Scalp Care Shampoo
Thursday Plantation / Anti-Bacterial, Skin & Hair Problems
This Tea Tree Scalp Care Shampoo from Thursday Plantation contains Tea Tree Oil and gentle cleansers to clean and soothe a flaky, itchy scalp caused by... More