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Axel Pain Away Pain Relief Pen
Axel / Sport, Muscle Health, Joint Health
Pain Away is a low frequency (1-2 Hz) stimulator that is fed by quartz crystals. Requiring no power source or batteries, this pen is activated by pressing... More
  • 1 pen (with case and instructions) 

BetterYou Original Magnesium Gel
BetterYou / Sport, Muscle Health
This Magnesium Gel from BetterYou provides essential magnesium in a targeted application. This is a superior way to replenish magnesium levels, along with... More
  • 150 ml 

id Aromatics LMJ Massage Oil
id Aromatics / Muscle Health, Joint Health
This massage oil has been specially formulated to help relieve muscular and joint aches and pains. Contains essential oils Lavender, Sweet Marjoram and... More
  • 50 ml 

Mason's Products Dog Oil For Massaging
Mason's Products / Sport, Pets, Muscle Health, Joint Health
A blend of vegetable and mineral oils, Mason's Dog Oil is for people to use whenever massage on people or animals. Unfragranced, Dog Oil does not smell or... More
  • 112 g 

Modern Herbals Be Active Balm Natural Gel
Modern Herbals / Sport, Muscle Health, Joint Health
Enriched with Capsaicin, Camphor and Menthol, this Alcohol and animal free product is perfect for temporary relief of muscular and rheumatic pain. This... More
  • 2 oz 
  • 4 oz (+£6.50)

myCBD Hydrating Cream
myCBD / Sport, Muscle Health, Joint Health
100% natural cream providing rich hydration form a unique combination Arnica, Olive Oil, Beeswax and Coconut Butter. Organic Hemp Extract provides... More
  • 50 ml 

Power Health 100% Pure Emu Oil
Power Health / Muscle Health, Skin & Hair Problems, Joint Health
Naturally obtained from Emus, this oil is composed of essential fatty acids including Omega-3 which helps to reduce inflammation. A study done in 2012 in... More
  • 100 ml 

Zen Massage Liniment Joint And Muscle Massage Relief
Martin & Pleasance / Sport, Muscle Health, Joint Health
A combination of 8 traditional herbal medicines and 2 essential oils, Zen Liniment penetrates directly into the site of pain or injury. Specific herbs... More
  • 100 ml spray