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Otosan ForTuss Cough Syrup

Price: £8.99

  • 180 g 

ForTuss Cough Syrup from Otosan has been developed as an adjuvant for relieving dry and productive coughs, whilst also providing hydration of mucus and its natural discharge due to its functional ingredients. These include Manuka Honey, Organic Wildflower Honey and plant molecular complexes.

Suitable for adults and children from one year of age, ForTuss Cough Syrup creates a protective layer which adheres to the irritated mucosa, providing fast relief. This syrup is ideal to use where there is irritation caused by external agents such as pathogenic agents, cold weather, pollution and dust.

Benefits of ForTuss Cough Syrup include hydrating mucus and its natural discharge, as well as providing a protective and soothing action on the pharynx resulting in easing cough symptoms day and night. The delicate formula gives a taste that is pleasant for adults and children.

Suitable For Coeliacs

Suitable For Children and Adults

No Alcohol or Artificial Colours