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Optibac Probiotic For Daily Immunity

Price: £11.49

  • 30 capsules 

This new and improved formula ‘For daily immunity’ from Optibac is a unique combination of Lactobacillus paracasei CASEI 431 and vitamin C. Suitable for those looking for a natural way to support their immune system this probiotic is particularly useful for those who often suffer with colds & flu.

Optibac are excited to introduce the strain L. paracasei CASEI 431 to their range. This strain has been studied in numerous clinical trials on thousands of people, and as it has typically been studied on its own as a single strain they decided to keep it that way.

Results from one particular large scale study showed L. paracasei CASEI 431 significantly sped up recovery from flu-like illness by 3 days, compared to the placebo group and it those taking L. paracasei CASEI 431 also used fewer antibiotics than the placebo group.

L. paracasei CASEI 431 helps to create a barrier along the gut wall preventing harmful pathogens from entering the system causing illness. It improves immune function by increasing IgG levels which is an antigen that controls infection by binding onto pathogens and activating immune responses which eliminates them.

Vitamin C is also included in this probiotic which has been proven to reduce the frequency of the common cold.

Gluten Free

Yeast Free

No Added Sugars

5 Billion Live Cultures Per Capsule at Expiry

Suitable During Pregnancy