Colds & 'Flu

Most of us don’t give too much thought to our immune system until something goes wrong. This becomes more apparent during the winter months when viruses spread easily from person to person. Each of us has a natural built-in defence system to protect against the array of bacteria, viruses and allergens which try to invade the body. The ability of the body to fight off any resulting infection from these attacks depends on the strength of your immune system which consists of an army of special cells designed to deal with foreign invaders. For this defence mechanism to function effectively, the body has certain nutritional requirements.

Vitamin A – helps maintain the mucous membranes and prevents foreign agents from entering the body & viruses entering the cells. It also fights infections of the upper respiratory tract.

Vitamin C – is one of the most important vitamins for the immune system as it helps mature immune cells. It improves the performance of anti-bodies and detoxifies bacterial toxins.

Zinc – is critical for immune cell protection. Taking zinc at the earliest onset of symptoms can shorten the duration and severity of a cold.

Garlic – is well known for its ability to fight infections, it was even used during the war in the absence of antibiotics. Using a high potency supplement ensures antiviral, antibacterial & anti-catarrh properties are effectively utilised.

Echinacea – It is hard to know where to start when describing this amazing herb’s all-round abilities. It has well recognised antiviral and anti-bacterial properties, and is a “must” for immune system support during the wintertime.