Hair & Nails

It is normal to lose 50 to 100 hairs a day.

It takes about 7 months for a nail to grow out completely.

Both nails and hair are porous and will absorb any chemicals placed on them, over time this can affect their structure.

Hair is fragile when wet. Gently pat your hair dry rather than rubbing too hard with a towel. Massage both your head and nails daily.


  • Drink at least 1.5 litres of still water per day
  • Eat a diet high in fruit & vegetables
  • Eat foods high in biotin – brown rice, lentils, oats, sunflower seeds & walnuts
  • Increase sulphur intake – broccoli, fish, onions and sea vegetables
  • Make sure you eat plenty of good quality protein
  • Avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates SUPPLEMENTATION
  • Essential fatty acids – improve hair & nail texture
  • Silica capsules – strong, flexible hair, skin and nails need silicon
  • Vitamin B complex – deficiencies result in fragile nails & hair thinning and loss
  • MSM – aids with the manufacture of keratin, a protein that is a major component of hair & nails
  • Zinc – stimulates nail and hair growth
  • Coenzyme Q10 – improves scalp & nail bed circulation and increases tissue oxygenation


  • Use cider vinegar & sage tea as a rinse to help hair grow.
  • To strengthen nails, try soaking them in warm olive oil or cider vinegar for 10 minutes a day
  • Tea tree oil combats bacteria & mites that may cause hair loss. Massage 10 drops into the scalp, and then wash as usual. Tea tree oil also helps combat fungal nail infections.
  • Cover hair when exposed to strong sunlight. Sunlight & seawater can damage hair & nails.
  • To restore colour & texture to brittle, yellow nails. Make a mixture of equal parts of honey, avocado oil & egg yolk and add a pinch of salt. Rub into nails, leave on for ½ hour, and then rinse off. Repeat daily – results will be seen after a week or so.
  • Remember to get blood supply to scalp and to nails. So lie with your head lower than your body for some time each day and regularly shake the blood into your fingertips.