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Natures Plus Fruitein

Price: £24.50

  • Acai 544g 
  • Revitalising Green Foods 576 g 

Many experts agree that we need to consume a wide range of fruits and vegetables each day to maintain optimal health. However, our modern hectic lifestyles can make this a challenge to achieve every day. Natures Plus have created their creamy Fruitein shakes for this very reason. These thick, delicious shakes provide complete protein, complex carbohydrates and the brilliant anti-oxidant propterties of green, red, blue, orange and yellow whole foods. These fat-free Fruitein shakes support health and busy lifestyles by providing: natural vitamins and minerals, live enzymes for digestion and absorption, Activessence (enzyme activation for peak energy and antioxidant activity), whole foods for a variety of phytonutrients and anti-oxidants.

Gluten free