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Natures Plus Animal Parade Magnesium Kidz Chewable

Price: £11.75

  • 90 chewable animals 

These days Magnesium deficiency is very common with our soils being so depleted of this mineral. Not only is it important for adults but it is also crucial for children as it helps them develop and maintain healthy teeth and bones.

With childhood mental disorders such as depression, anxiety and ADHD on the rise, Magnesium can help as it is known as nature's 'anti-stress mineral' and deficiency has been linked to these disorders.

Other health benefits of Magnesium include being essential for proper muscular functions, including muscular relaxation, contraction and calming, plays a role in energy metabolism, is important for healthy nerve-impulse transmission and help the body regulate internal temperature.

Gluten Free

Natural Cherry Flavour