Mother & Baby

Bio-Kult Infantis
Bio-Kult / Oral health, Digestive Health, Colds & Flu, Childrens Health
This scientifically developed, advanced multi-strain formula for babies, toddlers and young children, includes 7 strains of live beneficial bacteria along... More
  • 16 x 1 g sachets 

MOOGOO Mudder Udder Balm 50g
MooGoo / Skin & Hair Problems
MooGoo Mudder Udder Balm soothes and conforts the skin to encourage breast feeding. Made from natural and edible oils and butters so it is fine to use... More

MOOGOO Nappy Balm 75g
MooGoo / Skin & Hair Problems, Childrens Health
A Natural Balm that helps prevent nappy rash by forming and emolient barrier. Includes Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter and Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract.... More

Neuner's Organic Baby Stomach Tea
Neuner's / Food & Drink, Womens Health, Childrens Health
Neuner's Baby Stomach Ease tea is a traditional blend of organic herbs which has been tried-and-tested by independent parents, and is recommended by... More
  • 20 tea bags 

Neuner's Organic Nursing Tea
Neuner's / Food & Drink, Womens Health, Childrens Health
Neuner's nursing tea is recommended by midwives and lactation consultants across the UK. A multi-award winning, organic Nursing Tea formulated from a... More
  • 20 tea bags 

OptiBac Probiotics For Babies & Children
Optibac / Energy/Fatigue, Skin & Hair Problems, Womens Health, Digestive Health, Colds & Flu, Childrens Health
Three strains of natural bacteria which are the most important found in the intestines of healthy infants and children. They have been tested to survive... More
  • 10 sachets 
  • 36 sachets for the price of 30 (20% extra free while stocks last) (+£10.00)

Otosan Nasal Spray Baby
Otosan / Pregnancy, Mucous Membranes, Allergies, Colds & Flu, Sinus/Hayfever, Childrens Health
Otosan Nasal spray for babies is the result of Otosan's ongoing research in the field of otolaryngology. This nasal decongestant made from ingredients of... More
  • 30 ml 

Water Wipes
Water Wipes / Allergies, Skin & Hair Problems, Childrens Health
All parents will know a baby’s skin is much more delicate than an adults. WaterWipes are the only wipe formulated from 99% water with a drop of... More
  • 60 wipes