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Life Mel Honey

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  • 120 g 

Life Mel Honey results from over thirty years of research. This Honey has been specially developed to provide the recognised health benefits of pure Honey combined herbs with specific therapeutic benefits and other natural ingredients.

Life Mel Honey is produced from Bees that have been fed on a special food mixture that lets them be able to make a unique form of Honey with all the beneficial properties of the therapeutic herbs and natural ingredients. Specially produced in a controlled environment to guarantee a pollution-free pollination process. Except for collecting this Honey from the hive and packing it, it is not artificially treated in any way, and nothing is added after extraction from the hive.

Life Mel Honey uses nectar derived from therapeutic herbs including Siberian Ginseng, Echinacea and Uncaria Tomentosa. This is combined with a selection of natural ingredients including Iron, protein and vitamins.

Siberian Ginseng has a long history of being used used as a tonic. Echinacea is a traditional herbal remedy that is well known for its ability to modulate the immune system. Uncaria Tomentosa has shown to have antioxidant properties and has traditionally been used to benefit the immune system.

This Life Mel Honey has a distinctive, pleasant flavour and aroma.

Life Mel Honey should be stored in a dark place at room temperature. If crystallisation occurs, stand the jar in hot water for a few minutes until it becomes the normal consistency.

Life Mel started in the 1970's with research by Dr Alexander Goroshit. Dr Alexander’s study of herbs showed him that the key properties are sourced from the leaves, roots and stem and not the flower itself. This meant he needed to develop another way to feed the Bees to create a Honey product which contained these properties. Dr Alexander worked with experts to develop a method to feed the Bees with the desired herb parts to facilitate the development of a Honey Bee product which contained the beneficial properties of a special blend of key herbs. In the 1990's, Dr Alexander emigrated to Israel and continued his research with the help of state funding. He then went on to develop different products made by Honey Bees. As Dr Alexander concludes “the rest is history.”