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Amour Natural Aroma Wear Necklace
Amour Natural / Aromatherapy
These beautiful necklaces are a perfect way to wear your favourite essential oils every day, be it to help relieve headaches, anxiety, or just for... More
  • Tree 
  • Swirl 
  • Heart 

Aqua Oleum Christmas Blend
Aqua Oleum / Household, Aromatherapy
Christmas Blend is a formulation of Frankincense, Myrrh, Cedarwood, Cypress, Pine, Organce and Clove Bud essential oils, that has been specially prepared... More
  • 10 ml 

Aqua Oleum Festive Joy
Aqua Oleum / Aromatherapy, Household
A rich and spicy-warm scent providing a comforting and uplifting fragrance perfect for those cold winter nights. A blend including Frankincense, Myrrh and... More
  • 10 ml 

Arkopharma Migrastick
Arkopharma / Migraines/Headaches, Aromatherapy
1 in 7 people in the UK suffer from migraines in the UK. Migrastick roll-on provides natural solution to quickly relieve the pain caused by headaches and... More
  • 3 ml 

Arkopharma W-Stick
Arkopharma / Aromatherapy, Skin & Hair Problems
W-Stick targets hard skin and growths on the hands and feet, providing relief by softening these areas. In an easy to use roll-on applicator that is... More
  • 3 ml 

iD Aromatics Empty Amber Bottle
id Aromatics / Aromatherapy
An empty, amber bottle with screw cap perfect to create your own blend of essential oils in. Since 1983, Id Aromatics has been trading essential oils and... More
  • 10 ml bottle 
  • 50 ml bottle 

Living Tree Orchid Essence Gentle Sleep Aura Spray
Living Tree / Aromatherapy, Sleep
Disturbed sleep has become a major issue for many. Not only do our modern day, stressful lifestyles and poor diet impact our sleeping patterns,... More
  • 50 ml - with oils of Chamomile, Sandalwood & Rose Otto 

Living Tree Orchid Essence Immediate Relief Aura Spray
Living Tree / Mental Health, Aromatherapy, Stress
A combination of 8 of the Orchid Essences, Immediate Relief is helpful in emergencies and moments of high stress. Addressing shock at a deep level of the... More
  • 30 ml - with oils of Vanilla & Vetivert 
  • 50 ml - with oils of Black Pepper, Frankincense & Sandalwood (+£2.00)

Living Tree Orchid Essence Positive Flow Aura Spray
Living Tree / Mental Health, Aromatherapy, Stress
Positive Flow was developed in response to a question put to Living Tree by their Japanese distributor, as to which of the Living Tree Orchid Essences would... More
  • 50 ml - with oils of Atlas Cedarwood, Black Pepper, Cardamom & Juniperberry 

Living Tree Orchid Essence Soul Shield Aura Spray
Living Tree / Aromatherapy, Stress
There are times in life when we need to protect ourselves, for numerous reasons. Those people who work with light are highly likely to attract challenges... More
  • 50 ml - with oils of Sandalwood, Juniperberry & Grapefruit