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Power Health 100% Pure Emu Oil
Power Health / Muscle Health, Skin & Hair Problems, Joint Health
Naturally obtained from Emus, this oil is composed of essential fatty acids including Omega-3 which helps to reduce inflammation. A study done in 2012 in... More
  • 100 ml 

Power Health Epsom Salts
Power Health / Sport, Muscle Health, Migraines/Headaches, Detoxification, Skin & Hair Problems, Joint Health, Digestive Health, Stress
Epsom salt, named for a bitter saline spring at Epsom in Surrey, England, however it is not actually salt but a naturally occurring pure mineral compound of... More
  • Invigorating - 250 g 
  • Relaxing - 250 g 
  • Warming - 250 g 

Power Health Lavender Oil Capsules
Power Health / Anti-Microbial, Anti-Oxidant, Gluten Free, Migraines/Headaches, Sleep, Skin & Hair Problems, Stress
Lavender has a long history of use to help a variety of ailments. Health benefits of Lavender include improving sleep, reducing anxiety and emotional... More
  • 60 capsules 

Power Health Royal Gellee 500mg

CODE: PH1001

Power Health / Energy/Fatigue, Skin & Hair Problems, Womens Health, Stress, Mens Health
Royal Gelle contains on average 500mg of the finest fresh royal jelly. Royal jelly has been used for centuries beginning in ancient Chinese medicine. Royal... More
  • 30 capsules 
  • 60 capsules (+£9.89)

Powerhealth Rutivite Original
Power Health / Circulation, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure
These Rutivite original tablets are made from the finest quality Green Buckwheat, using the whole plant with added Rutin for maximum results. Rutin is a... More
  • 66 tablets