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Natures Aid Organic Spirulina Capsules
Viridian / Blood Pressure, Detoxification, Liver Health, Organic, Sport, Vegan, Vegetarian, Energy/Fatigue
Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis) is a microscopic green Algae that is harvested sustainably from freshwater pools on an Island in the South China Sea.... More
  • 60 capsules 

Viridian Balanced Iron Complex

CODE: V322

Viridian / Womens Health
Iron is essential for the healthy production of haemoglobin in the blood. Balance Iron Complex contains iron bisglycinate. A form of iron that is gentle on...
  • 90 capsules 

Viridian Balanced Zinc Complex

CODE: V356

Viridian / Skin & Hair Problems, Colds & Flu
Highly absorbable, synergistic balance of key nutrients involved in immune maintenance and skin health. Includes vitamin A and copper for optimum absorption...
  • 30 capsules 
  • 90 capsules (+£10.30)

Viridian Cherry Night

CODE: V369

Viridian / Sleep, Vegan
Perfect as a nightcap, Cherry Night from Viridian is full of nutritional ingredients including Cherries, Dates, Glycine and Magnesium. Cherries are a great... More
  • 150 g powder 

Viridian Clear Skin Complex

CODE: V371

Viridian / Vegan, Vegetarian, Skin & Hair Problems
A targeted blend of minerals, botanicals and fat-soluble carotenoids in a base of probiotics specifically formulated for those looking for a clear,... More
  • 60 capsules 

Viridian Clove Bud

CODE: V482

Viridian / Parasites, Vegan, Vegetarian
A combination of familiar country garden botanicals in a vegan capsule. Clove is effective at killing intestinal parasites and is useful as an effective... More
  • 90 capsules 

Viridian Co-Q10 30mg with MCT

CODE: V360

Viridian / Energy/Fatigue, Heart Health, Mens Health
Co-enzyme Q10 is present in every cell. It is involved in the release of energy from food. Production of Co-Q10 in the body reduces as we age and a well... More
  • 30 capsules 

Viridian Complete Fibre Complex

CODE: V480

Viridian / Digestive Health
An effective bowel maintenance and detox combination of healthful fibres with added 'food' to encourage friendly bacteria.

Viridian Cranberry Mannose pH

CODE: V402

Viridian / Vegan, Womens Health
An alkalizing powder blend of Potassium Citrate, Mannose, high-potency Cranberry extract and vitamin C to be mixed into a pleasant tasting drink. The... More
  • 50 g powder 

Viridian Digestive Aid

CODE: V470

Viridian / Digestive Health
A vegan combination of enzymes, betaine hydrochloride, peppermint and ginger to help promote a healthy and well-balanced environment for digestion to take... More
  • 30 capsules 
  • 90 capsules (+£10.76)