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Biofreeze Roll-on

CODE: SW1037

Other / Joint Health
Biofreeze is the only analgesic with ILEX, a herbal extract from a South American holly shrub. The ILEX works to extend the properties of the three... More

Captain Kombucha Original 400 ml
Captain Kombucha / Energy/Fatigue, Joint Health, Digestive Health, Colds & Flu
Known as the “Immortal Health Elixir” by the Chinese, Kombucha originated in the Far East around 2,000 years ago and is a beverage with amazing health... More
  • 400 ml 

CherryActive Concentrate
CherryActive / Sport, Sleep, Muscle Health, Anti-Oxidant, Joint Health
CherryActive is a premium quality, tart Montmorency Cherry concentrate. 100% natural and packed full of antioxidant-rich Montmorency Cherries, containing... More
  • 473 ml 
  • 946 ml (+£15.50)

Cotswold Loose Dandelion Leaf Tea
Cotswold / Food & Drink, Liver Health, Muscle Health, Skin & Hair Problems, Joint Health, Digestive Health
This loose Dandelion Leaf Tea is naturally caffeine free. Health benefits include being a diuretic helping the liver quickly eliminate toxins, helps treat... More
  • 100 g loose leaf 

Creative Nature Apricot Kernels
Creative Nature / Anti-Oxidant, Blood Pressure, Liver Health, Joint Health, Digestive Health, Colds & Flu
Apricot Kernels are one of the richest sources of Laetrille (or B17) which is a powerful anti-oxidant. Apricot Kernels may help stimulate the immune... More
  • 300 g (+£3.50)

Greens Organic Golden Turmeric 100g
Greens Organic / Detoxification, Joint Health, Digestive Health, Colds & Flu
A blend of Organic Turmeric with Organic Ginger and Black Pepper to aid absorption. Perfect for making Golden Milk or Cooking, Turmeric has been used for... More

id Aromatics Black Pepper Pure Essential Oil (Piper Nigrum)
id Aromatics / Detoxification, Circulation, Anti-Bacterial, Joint Health, Digestive Health
A pure essential oil with health benefits including: Anti-spasmodic (relieving cramps), mild purgative to cleanse the intestines and clear infections in the... More
  • 10 ml 

iD Aromatics Juniperberry Pure Essential Oil (Juniperus Communis)
id Aromatics / Antiseptic, Detoxification, Skin & Hair Problems, Joint Health, Digestive Health
A pure essential oil with health benefits including: improving circulation which relieves symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, antiseptic, anti-spasmodic... More
  • 10 ml 

id Aromatics LMJ Massage Oil
id Aromatics / Muscle Health, Joint Health
This massage oil has been specially formulated to help relieve muscular and joint aches and pains. Contains essential oils Lavender, Sweet Marjoram and... More
  • 50 ml 

iD Aromatics Nutmeg Pure Essential Oil (Myristica Frarans)
id Aromatics / Circulation, Muscle Health, Oral health, Womens Health, Joint Health, Colds & Flu
The health benefits of Nutmeg oil are due to its medicinal properties such as its role as a sedative, stimulant, relaxing, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic,... More
  • 10 ml