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A.Vogel Crataegus 50ml

CODE: BF1001

A. Vogel / Womens Health, Stress, Mens Health
A heart tonic that is gentle but effective.

A.Vogel Menoforce


A. Vogel / Hormonal Imbalance, Womens Health
A traditional herbal medicinal product used for the relief of excessive sweating associated with menopausal hot flushes.
  • 30 tablets 
  • 90 tablets (+£21.70)

A.Vogel Uva-ursi & Echinacea 50ml


A. Vogel / Hormonal Imbalance, Womens Health
This product has had clinical trials done on it and now has a product license.  This complex is a combination of herbs formulated by Alfred Vogel... More

A.Vogel Venaforce 60 tablets


A. Vogel / Skin & Hair Problems, Womens Health
May be helpful in cases of varicose veins, haemorrhoids and phlebitis.

A.Vogel Venagel 100g


A. Vogel / Skin & Hair Problems, Womens Health
This gel containing Horse chestnut is an effective way of soothing tired heavy legs and temporarily reducing the symptoms of weak veins.

Ainsworths Original Dr Bach Star Of Bethlehem

CODE: A0021

Ainsworths / Womens Health, Miscellaneous Health
Star of Bethlehem Bach Flower Remedy is for the after-effects of shock, mental or physical as a result of accidents, bad news, bereavement, sudden... More
  • 10ml 

BetterYou Goodnight Magnesium Oil Spray

CODE: SW1056

Other, BetterYou / Womens Health, Stress, Mens Health
Magnesium Oil Goodnight Spray is a unique combination of magnesium and essential oils to help promote deep muscle relaxation, a sense of wellbeing and... More
  • 15 ml 
  • 100 ml (+£9.25)

Bio-Kult Candéa
Bio-Kult / Oral health, Anti-Fungal, Womens Health, Digestive Health
At least one third of healthy people have the Candida fungus in the mouth, intestine or the vagina. Candida is normally harmless but it can turn into what... More
  • 60 capsules 

Bio-Strath Elixir

CODE: C1001

Other / Energy/Fatigue, Womens Health, Colds & Flu, Mens Health, Childrens Health
Bio-Strath is a licensed Swiss Herbal Yeast Tonic clinically proven to recover lost vitality when tired, run down or recovering from illness.
  • 100ml (+£9.99)
  • 250ml (+£6.50)
  • 750ml (+£28.00)

Flaya Organic Vegan Perfume
Flaya / Organic, Fragrance, Vegan, Womens Health
Flaya are passionate about vegan, natural and organic perfumes. Their aim was to create beautiful fine fragrances without compromising on their commitment... More
  • Imagine - 10 ml 
  • Imagine - 30 ml (+£13.00)
  • Island - 10 ml 
  • Island - 30 ml (+£13.00)
  • Love - 10 ml 
  • Love - 30 ml (+£13.00)
  • Rose - 10 ml 
  • Rose - 30 ml (+£13.00)