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A.Vogel Arnica Skin Cream
A. Vogel / Vegetarian, Pregnancy, Skin & Hair Problems
This gentle nurturing and silky cosmetic cream is suitable for the whole family. Lightweight and silky, this Arnica Skin Cream supports and cares for the... More
  • 35 g 

A.Vogel Ginkgo biloba 30 tablets


A. Vogel / Skin & Hair Problems
A traditional herbal medicine used to relieve symptoms of Raynard's Disease and Tinnitus.

A.Vogel Ginkgo Biloba 50ml


A. Vogel / Skin & Hair Problems
Has been shown to be helpful in cases of Raynard's Disease and other circulatory issues.

A.Vogel Nature-C 60 tablets


A. Vogel / Skin & Hair Problems, Colds & Flu
A vitamin C supplement should contain bioflavoroids, hesperidin and rutin. Natural sources of vitamin C, such as fruit, contain all these and are extremely... More

A.Vogel Spilanthes 50ml


A. Vogel / Skin & Hair Problems, Digestive Health
Taken internally alongside Acidophilus and Echinaeca, whilst following a sensible eating plan (avoiding refined sugar and alcohol) - this remedy can help... More

A.Vogel Urtica 50ml


A. Vogel / Skin & Hair Problems, Joint Health
A herbal remedy traditionally used for relieving gout and prickly heat. Can also be very helpful in aiding rheumatic and arthritic conditions.

A.Vogel Venaforce 60 tablets


A. Vogel / Skin & Hair Problems, Womens Health
May be helpful in cases of varicose veins, haemorrhoids and phlebitis.

A.Vogel Venagel 100g


A. Vogel / Skin & Hair Problems, Womens Health
This gel containing Horse chestnut is an effective way of soothing tired heavy legs and temporarily reducing the symptoms of weak veins.

Alba Botanica Cooling Aloe Burn Relief
Alba Botanica / Skin & Hair Problems
Alba Botanica's cooling, medicated, no touch spray contains natural ingredients which instantly cool sunburned skin. Aloe and plant-derived Allantoin... More
  • 177 ml 

AllicinMax Capsules

CODE: MH0007

Other / Detoxification, Skin & Hair Problems, Heart Health
When you bite into or crush fresh garlic, it develops a component called Allicin from the precursor component Alliin. Allicin has anti-bacterial,... More
  • 30 capsules 
  • 90 capsuels (+£12.54)
  • 180 capsules (+£28.04)