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A.Vogel Arnica Skin Cream
A. Vogel / Vegetarian, Pregnancy, Skin & Hair Problems
This gentle nurturing and silky cosmetic cream is suitable for the whole family. Lightweight and silky, this Arnica Skin Cream supports and cares for the... More
  • 35 g 

BetterYou Magnesium Flakes
BetterYou / Mental Health, Detoxification, Bone Health, Sleep, Pregnancy, Skin & Hair Problems, Joint Health, Digestive Health, Stress
These Magnesium Flakes from BetterYou are an ideal way to replenish the body with this essential mineral. Magnesium promotes overall well-being, aids skin... More
  • 250 g 
  • 1 kg (+£6.00)

Hubner Iron VITAL F
Hubner / Gluten Free, Food & Drink, Dairy Free, Blood Health, Vegan, Pregnancy, Energy/Fatigue, Colds & Flu, Childrens Health
25% OFF WHILST STOCKS LAST. Iron deficiency can lead to fatigue, lethargy and eventually anaemia. This trace element plays a crucial role in the... More
  • 250 ml liquid (was £9.99 - 25% off while stocks last) 

iD Aromatics Labour Massage Oil
id Aromatics / Pregnancy
This oil has been specially formulated to help relieve tension and anxiety during labour. Contains essential oils Clary sage, Lavender & Jasmine in... More
  • 50 ml 

Natures Aid Pro-IntiMUM
Natures Aid / Vegan, Pregnancy, Womens Health, Colds & Flu
This probiotic from Natures Aid is a unique, all-in-one solution for the intimate health and gut health of pregnant women. Based on the latest scientific... More
  • 30 capsules 

Optibac Probiotic For Daily Immunity
Optibac / Pregnancy, Vegetarian, Vegan, Colds & Flu
This new and improved formula ‘For daily immunity’ from Optibac is a unique combination of Lactobacillus paracasei CASEI 431 and vitamin C. Suitable for... More
  • 30 capsules 

Optibac Probiotic For Every Day Max - 50 Billion
Optibac / Pregnancy, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Digestive Health, Colds & Flu
A 1-a-day probiotic for those who are looking not just for quantity but also quality! Optibac perform extensive research and testing to ensure the best... More
  • 30 capsules 

Optibac Probiotics For Every Day (1-A-Day)
Optibac / Pregnancy, Skin & Hair Problems, Digestive Health, Colds & Flu
Probiotic to promote daily wellbeing. 60 capsules in a new 1-a-day formula. 5 billion live cultures including; Bifidobacterium longum Rosell-175,... More

Otosan Nasal Spray Baby
Otosan / Pregnancy, Mucous Membranes, Allergies, Colds & Flu, Sinus/Hayfever, Childrens Health
Otosan Nasal spray for babies is the result of Otosan's ongoing research in the field of otolaryngology. This nasal decongestant made from ingredients of... More
  • 30 ml 

Pukka Motherkind Pregnancy Tea
Pukka / Pregnancy, Organic, Food & Drink, Caffeine Free, Womens Health
A blend of nature's finest organic herbs which help care for pregnant mums. Stars are made from organic herbs like these. At their centre is the... More
  • 20 tea bags