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Fushi Organic Jojoba Oil

Price: £15.00

  • 100 ml 

Golden Jojoba oil is hypoallergenic and is one of the most readily absorbed oils into the skin. An ideal moisturiser for the skin, this oil is suitable for daily use to ensure your skin stays smooth and supple. Jojoba helps prevent wrinkles due to its rich content of vitamin E and antioxidants. It can also be used as a nourishing hair oil and is suitable for all skin types.

Fushi's Jojoba oil can also be used to remove makeup and for shaving. The liquid wax within this oil provides an easy shave and protects the skin from razor burn and redness.

Other uses include as a face moisturiser, hair conditioner, and to relieve dry skin all over the body.

Pressed from this season’s fresh harvest of seeds, nuts and kernels, ensuring quality, potency and efficacy.

Made From Approximately 1kg of Golden Jojoba Kernels

Soil Association Organic

100% Pure

Cold Pressed

Raw Organic Kernels

Unrefined and Fresh

No Artificial Chemicals