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Atlantic Kitchen Organic Dulse Seaweed 40 g
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Atlantic Kitchen / Food & Drink, Organic
A rich and smokey taste with a firm texture which enhances recipes with its deep flavour. Dulse Seaweed is a superfood that contains Iron and Vitamin B12... More
  • 40 g 

Atlantic Kitchen Organic Sea-Spaghetti Seaweed 50 g
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Atlantic Kitchen / Food & Drink, Organic
A mild and gentle taste with an al dente texture. This sea-spaghetti is a superfood containing Magnesium to aid a healthy energy-yealding metabolism as... More
  • 50 g 

St. Dalfour High Content Fruit Spread 284 g
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St. Dalfour / Gluten Free, Food & Drink
Due to the weight and careful packing needed, we will contact you if more than one spread is ordered to confirm postage charge. Made 100% from fruit... More
  • Thick Apricot 
  • Blackberry 
  • Wild Blueberry 
  • Black Cherry 
  • Fig Royale 
  • Mirabelle Plum 
  • Orange & Ginger 
  • Raspberry 
  • Orange & Ginger 
  • Raspberry 
  • Strawberry 

Sunwheel 100% Fruit Spread 300 g
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Sunwheel / Food & Drink
These spreads contain the concentrated juice of 2.1 kg of fruit with no added preservatives or colourings. Perfect for spreading on toast, bread, bagels,... More
  • Pear & Apple 
  • Pear & Prune 

Clearspring Traditional Japanese Agar Flakes 28 g
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Clearspring / Food & Drink, Vegan, Vegetarian
Traditional Japanese Sea Vegetable gelling agent. Clearspring Agar Flakes are high quality, vegetarian and vegan as well as being free from chemical... More
  • 28 g 

Nairn's Gluten Free Oatcakes
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Nairn's / Vegan, Gluten Free, Food & Drink
Nairn's Gluten Free Oatcakes are versatile addition to your diet. Try them as a tasty and satisfying snack, for breakfast with bananans, peanut butter or... More
  • 213 g 

Nairn's Biscuits (40% Less Sugar ) 200 g
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Nairn's / Vegan, Food & Drink
A wheat free recipe with 40% less sugar than an average sweet biscuit. These biscuits are bursting with natural flavour with no artificial colours or... More
  • Stem Ginger - 200 g 
  • Dark Chocolate Chip - 200 g 

Tartex Organic Vegetarian Pate 200 g
Tartex / Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Food & Drink
Vegetarian pâté Formulated from nutritional yeast with no hydrogenated fats and oils and a blend of herbs, spices or vegetables. Tartex organic vegetarian... More
  • Herb & Garlic Pate 
  • Mushroom Pate 

Biona Organic Kimchi 350 g
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Biona / Dairy Free, Vegan, Food & Drink, Digestive Health
Warm and spicy with a deep tangy flavour, Biona's Organic Kimchi is fermented Chinese and White Cabbage, Carrots, Water Radish, Onions, Ginger, Red Peppers,... More
  • 350 g 

Nutri-Brex Gluten Free 5 Ways Granola 400 g
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Nutri-Brex / Food & Drink, Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian
A tasty granola made from gluten free Oats, Hazelnut pieces, flaked Quinoa and toasted Coconut. Baked with the minimum of sugar, this granola is high in... More
  • 400 g