Feminine Care

Mooncup Reusable Menstrual Cup
Mooncup / Womens Health
Mooncup is the original, soft, medical-grade silicone menstrual cup that has been designed by women for a convenient, safe and eco-friendly alternative to... More
  • Size A 
  • Size B 

Natracare Maxi Pads
Natracare / Womens Health
Maxi Pads are thick, long, cushioned pads for optimum and secure comfort, a great fit and effective absorption. These pads do not have wings, instead they... More
  • Maxi Pads Super - Pack Of 12 
  • Maxi Pads Night Time - Pack Of 10 (+£0.70)

Natracare Panty Liners
Natracare / Womens Health
Certified organic 100% cotton with natural, plant-based materials that are breathable and soft to keep you comfortable and dry for everyday protection... More
  • Mini - Pack Of 30 
  • Curved - Pack Of 30 
  • Tanga - Pack Of 30 

Natracare Tampons - With Applicator
Natracare / Womens Health
Natracare use a smooth, easy glide cardboard applicator to help with the insertion of the tampon. The material used to make this biodegradable applicator... More
  • Regular - Pack Of 16 
  • Super - Pack Of 16 (+£0.12)

Natracare Tampons - Without Applicator
Natracare / Womens Health
Tampons without applicator from Natracare that is made from a rolled wadding of 100% organic Cotton. As the cotton gently absorbs the menstrual flow, the... More
  • Regular - Pack Of 20 
  • Super - Pack Of 20 (+£0.08)

Natracare Ultra Pads
Natracare / Womens Health
Plastic-free and totally chlorine-free, these pads do not contain rayon, latex, chemical additives, fragrances or dyes. An ecologically certified absorbent... More
  • Ultra Pads Regular - Pack Of 14 
  • Ultra Pads Super - Pack Of 12 
  • Ultra Extra Pads Super - Pack Of 10 

Salcura Topida Intimate Hygiene Spray
Salcura / Skin & Hair Problems, Womens Health
Topida has been specifically formulated with a bio-scientific, natural formulation to soothe, cool and calm by creating a healthy microbial balance on the... More
  • 50 ml