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Earth Friendly Products Dishmate Washing-Up Liquid

Price: £3.90

  • Pink Grapefruit - 750 ml 

Made from plants, this washing-up liquid has been formulated to be truly pure, green and effective leaving your pots and pans sparkling clean. The neutral pH of Dishmate means it is extremely gentle on skin, whilst fresh essential oils provide a beautiful aroma to fill your kitchen.

Dishmate is a high concentrated washing -up liquid that contains plant-derived cleaners and natural essential oils to clean your dishes whilst not harming the planet.

A little goes a long way, squirt on a sponge as and when needed or dilute a teaspoon (5ml) in a standard 4 litre washing-up bowl.

Made With 100% Green Energy

Carbon Neutral

Up To 150 Bowls Washing-Up per Bottle