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BetterYou Dlux+ Vitamin D+K2 Daily Oral Spray

Price: £9.95

  • 12 ml - 30 days supply 

BetterYou DLux+ Vitamin D+K2 Oral Spray is a high strength spray providing 3000 IU of vitamin D with 75 μg of vitamin K2.

Vitamin D and Vitamin K2 work synergistically with each other to direct Calcium out of the arteries into the bones where it helps improve bone density. A deficiency in vitamin K2 can cause calcification within the arteries leading to an increased risk of heart disease. On their own, vitamin D also helps maintain a healthy immune system, whilst vitamin K2 aids normal blood clotting.

For this Daily Oral Spray, BetterYou have used the bioavailable and stable form of K2, MK-7, which can be easily utilised by the body. This form of K2 has been sourced from flowers BetterYou can guarantee purity of the active form of K2.

The micro-droplets in this spray permeate the soft-tissue of the inner cheek, delivering essential nutrients straight into the vein system below. The formula has been micro-emulsified producing optimal droplet size and delivery, ensuring effective absorption and a convenient and and quick working supplement of vitamin D and K2. More and more scientific trials and studies are concluding that vitamin uptake via oral sprays are up to twice as effective compared to traditional forms of supplementation.

3 sprays deliver 3000 IU (75μg) Vitamin D and 75 μg of K2

Supports Bone Health and Normal Blood Clotting

Guaranteed Better Absorption Than Tablets

Natural Peppermint Flavour

No Artificial Colours or Falvours

Against Animal Cruelty