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Bee Health Pure Bee Pollen 500 mg

Price: £8.16

  • 100 capsules 

Bee Pollen is nature’s most complete food which has been used for centuries to help people stay fit and well. Just another remarkable product from the humble honey bee.

When Bees have gathered pollen, they bring it into the hive for food and then improve it by adding a small portion of nectar into it. The composition of Bee Pollen is extremely complex and was called “the life giving dust” and “ambrosia” by Romans and Ancient Greeks. In 1975, Dr. Naum Petrovich (chief scientist at the Soviet Academy in Vladivostok) said, “Long lives are attained by bee-pollen users; it is one of the original treasure-houses of nutrition and medicine. Each grain contains every important substance that is necessary to life.”

Health benefits of Pollen include helping to boost the immune system, may protect against Liver toxicity, has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, helps relieve stress and it also contains 12 Vitamins, 27 Minerals and 22 Amino Acids, especially B Vitamins, Iron and Zinc. It is due to it's Vitamin B1 content that Pollen contributes to normal skin.