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Axel Pain Away Pain Relief Pen

Price: £29.95

  • 1 pen (with case and instructions) 

Pain Away is a low frequency (1-2 Hz) stimulator that is fed by quartz crystals. Requiring no power source or batteries, this pen is activated by pressing the silver button at one end.

The effectiveness of this Class 2a medical device is based on a proven medical technique called Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS). The TENS technique controls chronic and acute pain including muscular pain, backache and shoulder pain, arm and leg pain, headache and migraine, tennis elbow, sports injuries and sciatica.

Portable and providing instant pain relief, this pen is perfect for taking out with you on your daily routine or when away on holiday. Helpful for chronic or minor injuries.

Class 2a Medical Device

No Medical Side Effects


Safe and Simple To Use

Used Anywhere, Any Time

Fully Self-contained, Small and Light

No Leads or Pads Required

Works Over Clothing

Needs No Batteries or Maintenance