Alva Crystal Deodorant Sensitive Roll-On

Price: £8.50

  • 50 ml 

A hypoallergenic alternative for those with sensitive skin and moderate perspiration. Alva's Sensitive Roll-on Deodorant is neutral, unfragranced and free from alcohol and Aluminium. Effectively fighting body odour, this deodorant made from Himalayan Crystal Salt and Ammonium Alum, providing 24 hour protection wihtout any white residue and staining. Guaranteed to be reliable, Comfrey is soothing and extremely gentle on the skin making it the perfect roll-on deodorant for those who shave the underarm area daily.

This Roll-on deodorant with organic Aloe Vera and Comfrey has been designed for people with sensitive skin.

Aluminium Chlorohydrate Free

Paraben Free

Alcohol Free

24 Hour Protection