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AloeDent Whitening Toothpaste

CODE: SW1044

Price: £4.59

  • 100ml 
For a naturally whiter smile, try AloeDent Whitening Toothpaste which offers you and your family natural protection against plaque, tartar, cavities and gum disease. With 100% natural origin and a cool, minty taste, brushing regularly with our fluoride-free whitening toothpaste offers a fantastic triple action: cleaning, protecting and whitening your teeth naturally. Ingredients include soothing Aloe Vera; Silica a natural mineral used to help keep teeth clean, helping to prevent cavities and for natural whitening; P.V.P (Polyvinylpirolidine) which is a food-grade non-abrasive polymer with anti-staining action; Vitamin K for strong healthy teeth; Tea Tree Oil for its antiseptic qualities; and Peppermint oil and Menthol for that fresh minty taste. Active Ingredients Aloe Vera Silica P.V.P (Polyvinylpirolidine) Vitamin K Tea Tree Oil Peppermint & Menthol